Lyon Marathon – Oct 2016

Le 2 octobre 2016, Stephane Marchal, Aymeric Marchal, Raphaelle Hovasse et Solenne Lafeytaud ont couru le marathon et le 10kms de Lyon pour lever des fonds pour Combattre Syngap 1. La journee a ete inoubliable et a permis de lever plus de 6 000 dollars! Un immense merci a tous pour votre soutien.

On October 2, Stephane Marchal, Aymeric Marchal, Raphaelle Hovasse and Solenne Lafeytaud run the marathon and 10kms to raise awareness on Overcome Syngap1. It’s been an amazing day that allowed them to raise more than 6,000 dollars! Thank you so much to all of you for your support.

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  1. Hurrah for you, folks ! I am extremely proud of my children. No doubt that this performance will be followed by a similar result as far as the challenge concerning the research on Syngap1 is concerned. God bless you ! Jean-Paul Marchal

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